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SMTP Client Description

Features | Detailed Description

Available in .NET, VCL and ActiveX editions.

The SMTP component is used to send e-mail messages to mail server from your application. This component implements a standard SMTP client as specified in RFC 821RFC 2821 and RFC 2554 documents. It allows you to connect to the mail server and provides algorithms for both the encoding and decoding of the mail message bodies.

Using SMTP component you can log on to the server that requires SSL authentication and also authenticate using client certificate. See SSL / TLS support

Please see the Demos code (MailProgress, MailSendReceive, SmtpClientSSL) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Clever Internet Suite installation for more details about using this component.

The most common members of the Smtp component can be seen below:

Property List

   Name    Description
 Active Provides information about the activity status of the connection.
 BatchSize Specifies the size of the transferred batch.
 MailData Represents an amount of encoded text data to be sent to the server specified.
 MailFrom Identifies the original author of the message.
 MailToList Provides mail message recipients.
 MailMessage Gets the Mail Message object, the mail message content of which will be processed.
 Password Specifies the password that allows the desired component to log on to the server.
 Port Specifies the port that allows the desired component to connect to the server.
 Server Specifies the mail server to connect to.
 TimeOut Determines the time-out interval (in milliseconds) for initiating messages request.
 UserName Specifies the user name that allows the component to log on to the server.
 UseEHLO Makes the client to use the SMTP extensions while communicating with the server.
 UseSasl Makes the component use the SASL methods during the connecting session.
 UseTLS Specifies whether the component should use the TLS / SSL security protocol when connecting to the given server.

Method List

   Name    Description
 Close Closes the previously opened server connection.
 Open Opens connection to the given mail server.
 Send Use this method for sending a message from given mail server. You can specify non parsed message data via MailData object property. If you call another overloaded method with specifing a message parser then the object will assign MailData with Mail Message members.

Event List

   Name    Description
 OnGetCertificate Occurs when a server needs a certificate for establishing connection.
 OnProgress Occurs when data downloading / uploading is processed.
 OnReceiveResponse Occurs when server response is received.
 OnSendCommand Occurs when the component has sent a command.
 OnVerifyServer This event is where the client can decide whether to continue with the connection process.

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