Can't load package ...dcl_clinetsuite_XXX.bpl error occurs after installing the product.

It seems, the Clever Internet Suite installer was unable to install the packages to the RAD Studio IDE. The installer requires the command line Delphi compiler (dcc32.exe and/or dcc64.exe) to install packages. The trial version of RAD Studio doesn't suppot the command line compilation. If you purchased the Clever Internet Suite license, you can open a corresponding to your IDE version Clever Internet Suite project file, compile, and install it manually:
1) clinetsuite_XXX.dproj for runtime package, and
2) dcl_clinetsuite_11.dproj for design-time package that should be installed in IDE.
Here, XXX denotes the RAD Studio version, e.g., 104 for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney. The project files can be found in the sources folder "C:\Program Files...Sources\packages\".
If you use the trial version of Clever Internet Suite, please consider purchasing the license. We provide 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, you can return it for the full refund.
Alternatively, you can evaluate the Clever Internet Suite functionality using the compiled examples, which are available on our website:
The other possible reason, the installer was unable to determine the target BPL directory. As a result, the compiled binaries were copied to the Clever Internet Suite installation folder, see both the Lib and Lib64 subfolders of the installation folder. However, RAD Studio can't load BPLs to the IDE toolbox from an arbitrary directory. You will need to copy them to your BPLs directory and add the dcl_clinetsuite_XXX.bpl to the IDE toolbox manually.
The "Package output directory" option links to a non-existing directory. The Clever Internet Suite installer does not automatically create the BPL directory. This directory might absent if you have changed the BPL directory location after installing the RAD Studio. Please check this directory and try to run the Clever Internet Suite installer again.
Also the package installation may fail if you don't have the appropriate access permissions to write to the system and program folders on your machine. Please try to run the Clever Internet Suite installer as an Administrator.
If you still experience problems, please run the installer with the following command line parameter:
clInetSuiteFullRadStudio.exe /log=C:\Logs\inetsuite.log
Note, the "C:\Logs" directory must exist. After installing the library, please provide us with all log files from the C:\Logs directory.
You can submit a support incident and attach the logs to your ticket:

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