What version of IE is needed for Clever Internet Suite?

Our Internet Suite is perfectly operable on any of IE version Microsoft supports, beginning from 3.0 to any latest one. But, if you use IE with version lower than 4.0 some features won't be available.
  1. So, sending of the POST request is available only since version 4.0. But there is still possibility to implement this feature even with IE 3.0 - simple apply the UseSimpleRequest mode. To get more info about POST requests in the Clever Internet Suite library please visit Simulate a Web Form POST Request.
  2. On Internet Explorer 5.01 and earlier, it is not possible to select a client certificate programmatically (without using the user interface). So if you have IE version earlier than 5.5 you should use the UseInternetErrorDialog option to authenticate in GUI mode. To get more info about secured connections in the Clever Internet Suite library please visit Using certificates.

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