Mail Send with TMS FNC RichEditor

The program represents a Delphi tutorial that utilizes the TMS FNC UI RichEditor and Clever SMTP components to compose and send HTML E-mails.
This Delphi program represents a mostly simple demos and by no means, a complete application. It's intended to demonstrate how to use the SMTP component together with the TMS FNC UI RichEditor in your Delphi application. Additionally, the program uses the MailMessage component, which allows you to create E-mails in the MIME format, including message headers, text- and HTML bodies, file attachments, and embedded images. The HtmlParser component parses the HTML content, extracts embedded images, and produces a text-plain representation of the HTML message body.
The program allows you to authenticate using the username/password information. Also the SMTP component supports the OAUTH2.0, Digest, NTLM, and other SASL authentication methods. The SMTP client component completely supports the SSL/TLS mode, including the client certificate authorization and the server validation process.
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How to compile:
  1. Please clone the GitHub/CleverComponents/Clever-Internet-Suite-Tutorials repository.
  2. Download and install the Clever Internet Suite library.
  3. Download and install the TMS FNC UI Pack library.
  4. Open and compile the MailSendTMSRichEditor project in your Delphi IDE.
  5. Enjoy.
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