Send Photo using Telegram Bot API

The program represents a Delphi tutorial that utilizes the Clever HTTP and HttpRequest components to submit an image to a Telegram channel using Telegram Bot API
This Delphi program represents a mostly simple demos and by no means, a complete application. It's intended to demonstrate how to use the HTTP Client together with the HTTP Request component in your Delphi application.
The program allows you to load an image using the TImage VCL component, save the image source in to a stream, and substitute the derived stream to the REST API request using the OnLoadData event of the HTTP Request component.
The Clever HTTP components completely support SSL/TLS, custom HTTP headers, Form Field, JSON, and SOAP requests. The following example shows how to send JSON data to a REST service: How to write a REST client with JSON in Delphi
How to compile:
  1. Please clone the GitHub/CleverComponents/Clever-Internet-Suite-Tutorials repository.
  2. Download and install the Clever Internet Suite library.
  3. Open and compile the SendTelegramPhoto.dproj project in your Delphi IDE.
  4. Enjoy.
Please feel free to Contact Us and ask any program related questions.
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