Read a fixed number of bytes from the socket using TcpClientConnection in C#

using (var connection = new TcpClientConnection())
using (var data = new MemoryStream()) {
	connection.NetworkStream = new NetworkStream();

	connection.Open(HostResolver.GetIPAddress(""), 12345); //open the connection

	connection.ReadData(data); //read two bytes with the size information
	data.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
	var bytes = new byte[2];
	data.Read(bytes, 0, 2);

	int dataSize = bytes[1] + bytes[0] << 8; //decode the data size

	data.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.End); //move to the end of the stream and read the rest of data

	while (data.Length < dataSize + 2) { //two bytes with the size information are not included in data

	data.Seek(2, SeekOrigin.Begin); //skip two bytes with the size before extracting data
	bytes = new byte[dataSize];
	data.Read(bytes, 0, dataSize); //the received bytes
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