Database Comparer VCL version 8.0 overvew

Database Comparer VCL compares and synchronizes databases structures (metadata) and table data of many popular databases.

A list of supported databases is constantly updated and extended: InterBase, FireBird, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, DB2, PervasiveSQL, MSAccess, Paradox, DBASE, and other databases that can be accessed via the OLEDB provider. Didn't find your database in this list? Probably, we will add it soon. Join us and stay tuned.

Most popular connection libraries, such as FireDAC, ADO, and IBX are supported directly. Some third-party libraries, such as UniDAC, IBDDAC, IBObjects, ZEOS, AnyDAC, etc are supported as well.

You can even use outdated connection methods, such as BDE or FIB to connect to your databases.

The Database Comparer VCL product includes more than 40 components for the database-related development. All these components are constantly being refined and improved.

Product Description

What's new in Version 8.0

  • RAD Studio 11 Alexandria support was introduced.
  • Connecting databases using Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC) was implemented.
  • The IBObjects connection support was added.
  • A new DB Comparer demo with the UniDAC connection was implemented.
  • The implemented GetDbcBuildNo function returns the current build number.
  • The Grant/Revoke privileges were implemented for IB/FB stored procedures and functions.
  • The "GRANT USAGE ON" statement support for Firebird 3.0 and higher was implemented.
  • The new DBExtract.ExtractObjects property allows defining the DB object types to extract.
  • Subroutines were excluded from comparing Firebird 3.0 and higher databases.
  • A new design-time menu was added to all DBComparer components, including the DBConnection components.

Implemented features

  • Connecting to a database and extracting the database structure.
  • Comparing two database structures and producing the update SQL script.
  • Updating the target database structure using the update SQL script and syncrhonizing two databases structures.
  • Comparing two SQL DDL scripts, a database and an SQL script, and synchronizing a database with an SQL script.
  • Comparing and synchronizing data in two tables of the same database, two databases, or even two databases of different type.
  • Synchronizing Firebird, Interbase, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Postgre SQL, and may other popular databases.
  • Comparing and synchronizing stored procedure, trigger, and function scripts.
  • Comparing tables, constraints, indices, triggers, generators, stored procedures, UDFs, grants, roles, and many other database objects, depending on the database type.
  • Extracting the database structure (metadata) to a file.

TDBComparer is the key component, which performs most of the work: comparing two databases and producing the final update SQL script. This SQL script contains all necessary SQL statements to make the target database structure identical to the source database structure.

To extract the database structure the TxxxDBExtract component is used. Here, xxx varies, depending on your database type, e.g. TIBDBExtract in case of Interbase/ Firebird.

The other component, TxxxScriptExtract, is used to extract structure from an SQL DDL script (for xxx see the explanation above).

The extracted database structure is saved in to the TDBStructure component.

You can execute the update SQL script using an SQL management tool for your database or using the TxxxSQLExec component.

A set of TDBCConnectionXXX components are used to connect to your database, depending on your database type and the selected DB connection library.

The TTableDataComparer component synchronizes table data and gives you the full control over the Insert, Update, and Delete operations. This component can produce an update script, which includes the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE SQL statements, and also can immediately update the target table during the synchronization process.

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Fixed bugs

  • The Table Data Comparer didn't syncrhonize data with different key field names in the source and the target tables - fixed.
  • The FireDAC connection component was fixed: added necessary modules to the "uses" section, fixed problems with the "Variable length column [RDB $ FIELD_NAME] overflow".
  • The Database Comparer failed to analyze the Firebird CTE syntax, namely CTEs where the "WITH recursive" statement is used - fixed.
  • The DBComparer failed to parse the "merge into query" and the "extract (week from...)" statements - fixed.
  • The "Column unknown. FNC.RDB$OWNER_NAME" error when extracting Grants in Firebird 2.5 and earlier was fixed.

Known problems and restrictions

  • The cross-server support is not yet implemented when comparing and synchronizing the database structures.
  • The restricted support for some new features in the most recent versions of databases. And now we are working on it.

Demo / Trial version

Free Demo version of Database Comparer VCL is available for evaluation purposes only.
Demo version displays trial warning messages if components are used in GUI applications, all other features are completely available.

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