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0001757Database Comparer utilityGeneralpublic2023-02-19 09:56 Assigned Tobarry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version8.0.0.2459 
Summary0001757: 22.02.2022. v. fails in compare SP with PLAN clausule in SELECT
DescriptionFB4 - all SP containing code like this will fail
FOR SELECT id, idPeople, tDateUTC, Demand, LoLo, Lo, Hi, HiHi, tVersion --Select zbyvajici casti historie
      FROM DevMeasurandLimitsHist
      WHERE id = :V_idDevMeasurandLimit AND tDateUTC >= :bDateUTC AND tDateUTC< :eDateUTC
      PLAN SORT ((DevMeasurandLimitsHist INDEX (DevMeasurandLimitsHisttDateDesc)))
      ORDER BY id asc, tdateutc asc
      INTO :idDevMeasurandLimit, :idPeople, :tDateUTC, :Demand, :LoLo, :Lo, :Hi, :HiHi, :tVersion
Steps To ReproduceCreate s simple SP with SELECT ... PLAN
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