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0000535OracleGeneralpublic2020-02-23 08:01
ReporterThomasW69 Assigned Tobarry  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWINDOWS 7 x64 
Fixed in Version7.0.0.1680 
Summary0000535: Crash comparing two oracle 11g2 databases with DBComparer VCL and Standalone
DescriptionIn both, database comparer VCL and Standalone I'am unable to compare two Oracle 11G databases.
The database comparison aborts abnormally. See the added the log file and a screenshot to this issue.
Also I did a crosscheck with Allroundautmations PLSQL-Developer which works correct. The two ddl files generated with PLSQL-Developer for Both databases
Master HDMASTERDB.ddl) and target (HDLocalDB.ddl) are also attached.
With DBStructure generated by this aborted Structur extraction DBComparer produces invalid COMMENT entries in the Update Script. This will produce ORA-32594 errors because in Oracle can not be set any comment to a trigger object.
Also a comparison of the packges does not work (maybe because of the process abort).
Steps To ReproduceConnecting to both Databases
Running DB Comparsion
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2013-06-05 15:49


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