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0000601PostgreSQLGeneralpublic2020-02-23 08:00
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Fixed in Version8.0.0.1693.Beta 
Summary0000601: Database Comparer 6.1 crashes with Postgre SQL
Description1) Standalone edition hangs when extracting metadata. See steps to reproduce.
2) VCL edition raises internal exception when extracting operators: "ERROR: column o.oprlsortop does not exist LINE 20: left join pg_catalog.pg_operator o3 on o3.oid = o.oprlsortop ^"

As a result, tables are not extracted.

3) Domains are extracted incorrectly: (CREATE DOMAIN... DEFAULT) and (CREATE DOMAIN.. CHECK...). See the attached screenshots pg82metadata.jpg.
4) The Rules are not extracted: (CREATE RULE), see pg82metadata.jpg
Steps To Reproduce1) install PostgreSQL 8.3
2) create a new database by using "template_0"
3) run the script pgmetadata.sql (pgmetadata.sql, was created by pgAdmin3)
4) set up the database alias for the standalone edition of Database Comparer (see pg82alias.jpg)
5) choose both master and target as this database and try to compare.

As a result, the Database Comparer hangs. The VCL sample raises an exception, see above.
Additional InformationThe original emails from the user:
Email 1/3----------------
Hello, please check the problem with Database and Postgre SQL (8.4 or 9.0) - in the Database Comparer VCL has the problem too.
1) in test of extract the metadata of "Database Alias" using PostgreSQL 8.2.23 (pg82alias.jpg; use the script to create a new database (pgmetadata.sql, was created by pgAdmin3). After sucess in compare/extract the database (pg82comparer.jpg) yours component didn't extract standard values (CREATE DOMAIN... DEFAULT) and (CREATE DOMAIN.. CHECK...) of domain, and didn't extract the rules (CREATE RULE) see pg82metadata.jpg in next ticket.......
Email 2/3----------------
continuing of email 1/3...
2) try comparer the metadata and script files;
using "compare databases" we found 2 errors
a. cannot recognize the command ALTER PROCEDURAL LANGUAGE (pg82language.jpg)
b. cannot recognize the command CREATE DOMAIN when this has definition CONSTRAINT, or with CHECK, or both them. (pg82domain.jpg)

continuing in email 3/3....
Email 3/3----------------
please check.. email 2/3...
3) comparer test of "database alias" in PostgresSql higher 8.2.23
please check (pg84alias.jpg), the "database alias"is acessing PostgreSql version 8.4.18, when start comparer (button "compare databases") so the app stop/crash.
we understand that this problem happens only in versions higher PostgreSQL 8.2.23.
you can test this problem any database in PostgreSQL higher of 8.2.23.

Just to confirm, all this problem happens in "Database comparer VCL" and "Database comparer Standalone", we believe both use the same codes.

We need fix all this problem, because we use with sucess DATABASE COMPARER VLC with Firebird, but now our APP starts work with PostgresSQL, but with no sucess only in yours component DATABASE COMPARER.

Waiting your comments and hope the solution comes early,

Best Regards,
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