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0000644PostgreSQLGeneralpublic2020-02-23 08:00
Reportershirokov Assigned Tobarry  
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Fixed in Version8.0.0.1693.Beta 
Summary0000644: Database Comparer 21.03.2014 with Postgre SQL cannot parse ALTER SCHEMA and other problems
DescriptionОдинаковые Master и Target, сравнение скрипта PostgreSQL, скрипт прилагается - ошибка парсинга ALTER SCHEMA, это я смог воспроизвести, другие проблемы, отмеченные кастомером:

1) Problem in PostgreSQL – version higher than 8.2.23 (ex. 8.4.18). Like e-mails before, probably cannot connect to server db. So app, stops to work.

2) Trying compare metadata PostgreSQL (master and target files are the same file)

a. Command CREATE SEQUENCE couldn’t be extract (connect to server) and when extracted (metadata file) is not recognized.

b. Command CREATE TYPE there is no information in schema (if is “public “ or not):

i. Ex: CREATE TYPE “schema_name”.type_name AS…

c. Command CREATE RULE cannot send the schema name together with rule name, must be together only with the object name that rule will use.

i. Ex: CREATE RULE schema_name.rule_name AS ON operation TO schema_name.view_name (wrong)

ii. CREATE RULE rule_name AS ON operation TO schema_name.view_name… (ok, is right)

d. Command DROP RULE, the same condition letter “C”, the sintax right is: DROP_RULE rule_name ON schema_name.view_name

e. Command CREATE FUNCTION that has input parameters with word-key “IN” was not working, are identify “sintax error”

f. Command CREATE FUNCTION that has return (RETURN [SETOF]….) a type (CREATE TYPE) before created, are identify “sintax error”

g. Command CREATE FUNCTION (sometimes has a problem, but sometimes not) that has a language together declare (CREATE FUNCTION …. RETURNS… LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ …$$’), are identify “sintax error” (probably when found the word-key “AS”)

h. Command ALTER FUNCTION has “sintax error” too. Command ALTER FUNCTION that wants change the function must be CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION, because the sintax ALTER FUNCTION is used to the other situation. (about that, please check <>
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