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0000766macroid.ruGeneralpublic2014-12-22 16:39
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Summary0000766: Ошибка в запросе
We're sorry, but the system experienced an unrecoverable error. Please try again later.


Query: SELECT, c.catname, c.catname1, c.commonname, p.bigimage, p.userid, u.username AS user,, p.approved, p.gender, p.reliability, p.priority,, p.stage,, p.eddatetime, p.eduserid, eu.username AS edusername, c1id, c2id, c3id, p.title, p.reliability_userid, p.reliabilitydatetime, ru.username AS reliabilityusername, p.medsize, p.date_time, p.location, (select count(*) from ppi_comments cn1 where = as comments, c1.catname as c1catname, c2.catname as c2catname, c3.catname as c3catname, p.md5100, p.md5150, p.md5200, p.md5300, p.md5400, p.md5600, p.md5box100, p.md5box200 FROM (SELECT FROM ppi_cats_tree t JOIN ppi_photos p ON JOIN ppi_categories c ON WHERE (t.parentid=84547) ORDER BY eddatetime desc, date desc, id desc LIMIT 40 OFFSET 0 ) AS p1 JOIN ppi_photos p ON LEFT JOIN ppi_categories c ON = LEFT JOIN ppi_categories c1 ON = c.parent LEFT JOIN ppi_categories c2 ON = c1.parent LEFT JOIN ppi_categories c3 ON = c2.parent LEFT JOIN ppi_users u ON u.userid = p.userid LEFT JOIN ppi_users eu ON eu.userid = p.eduserid LEFT JOIN ppi_users ru ON ru.userid = p.reliability_userid ORDER BY eddatetime desc, date desc, id desc

Result: Column 'eddatetime' in order clause is ambiguous

Database handle: Resource id # 6
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