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Download Database Comparer Tools

Database Comparer Tools

Database Comparer Tools 8.0

The Database Comparer tools include: Database Comparer Standalone Utility and DBC Datapump.
Database Comparer - a tool for comparing/synchronizing SQL database objects and table records for many popular databases:
Firebird, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, InterBase, Sybase and Postgre SQL.

Database Comparer is free for non-commercial use. You can use it for educational and personal purposes.
Also, you are always welcome to order a commercial license by visiting the Database Comparer order page:


When clicking the "Download" link, the zip-archived Database Comparer installation will be downloaded. If you click the "Run Installer" link, the Database Comparer installation will run immediately after downloading from our website.

The Database Comparer installer copies application and documentation files to the installation folder.

You can uninstall Database Comparer components from your computer if you no longer use it by clicking on the "Uninstall Database Comparer Tools" button within the Windows Start menu. You can also use Programs and Features in your control panel to uninstall the components.

End-User License Agreement

  Description   Size   Download   Install
 Database Comparer Tools (x86) 8.0, stable version 9.4 Mb Download Run Installer
 Database Comparer Tools (x64) 8.0, stable version 8.1 Mb Download Run Installer


Database Comparer Tools 8.0 Latest Build

We are constantly working on improving the Database Comparer tools. You can always download most recent version of both the Database Comparer and DBC Datapump by using of the link below.

  Description   Date and Version    History   Download
 Database Comparer Tools, latest build 22.02.2022 v. View Changes

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