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DB Comparer

Features | Detailed Description

The DB Comparer is a component from the Database Comparer VCL library.
This component compares two DB Structure components holding actual structures of Target and Master databases and creates the update script. You can run this update script and synchronize the databases.


  • Compare databases and SQL/DDL scripts
  • MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, InterBase, Sybase, Postgre SQL support
  • Compare specific database objects or entire databases
  • Alter Table Columns with Data Type Conversion
  • Wide range of comparing options: Case-Sensitive, Character Set and more
  • Detailed synchronizing process log
  • Event Notifications to control every aspect of database comparing process

Compare databases in just few lines of code

Use the DB Comparer component together with DB StructureDB Extractor and SQL Executor components for comparing and synchronizing two databases on the same or different servers.

DbExtractMaster.DBStructure := DbStructure1;
DbExtractTarget.DBStructure := DbStructure2;


DbComparer1.DBStructureMaster := DbStructure1;
DbComparer1.DBStructureTarget := DbStructure2;
DbComparer1.SQLExec := SQLExec1;



Samples in Delphi and C++Builder

Please see the Demos code (DBComparerDemo, ScriptComparer) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Database Comparer VCL installation to learn more about using this component in your application.

Complete Delphi source code

When Purchasing the Database Comparer VCL you receive the full sources for all components and also free unlimited support.


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