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FTP Server

Features | Detailed Description

The FTP Server is a component from the Clever Internet Suite library.
It can accept client connections and allows you to upload and download files, as well as manage files and directories as specified in RFC 765, RFC 959 and RFC 1579 documents.

Available in .NET, VCL and ActiveX editions.


  • Multiple threads support
  • SSL and TLS encryption - FTPS
  • In-memory file and directory structure - virtual file system
  • Manage files and folders on the disk
  • MS-DOS and Unix directory listing style
  • Anonymous and Read-Only access, user Authentication
  • Personal directory for each user

Customize the user and thread performance settings

Currently, this feature is available in VCL and ActiveX editions only.
With FTP Server you can specify the number of requests to the server that can be active concurrently.
You can queue as many server requests as the system memory allows. If there are more requests than the server threads, the additional requests remain queued until the server threads become available.

Idle threads are maintained by the server in order to reduce the time required to satisfy requests for server threads.

Explicit and implicit SSL / TLS modes

Using FTP Server component, you can specify how to start SSL negotiation protocol.

You can implicitly start SSL negotiation after the connection is established or first connect in plaintext, and then explicitly start SSL negotiation through a protocol command - 'AUTH TLS'.

Event Notifications to control every aspect of client's connection

The FTP Server component provides advanced set of events for directory listing, file downloading and uploading, directory changing and other operations.

All these events allow you to work with files and directories in-memory without using the file system structure on the disk.

Using the FtpFileHandler component you can automatically handle all these events and allow server to manage files on the disk.

Samples, including WinForm clients with full source code

Please see the Demos code (FtpServer, FtpServerSSL) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Clever Internet Suite installation to learn more about using this component in your application.

Includes support for Delphi, C++Builder, C#, VB.NET and Javascript.

Complete Delphi and C# source code

When Purchasing the Clever Internet Suite you receive the full sources for all suite components and also free unlimited support.


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