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What's NEW

Clever Internet Suite RAD Studio Delphi, C++Builder Edition C# VB.NET Edition ActiveX Edition

Clever Internet Suite v 10.0 (April 29, 2021) Release

The Clever Internet Suite version 10.0 includes the RAD Studio VCL support. The .NET and ActiveX editions are supported in the version 9.6.
All three editions provide the same functionality and almost the same list of advanced Components

New Features

  • The SFTP Server component implemented;
  • The SFTP File Handler component, which allows the SFTP server to work with files on the disk;
  • The TCP Client, TCP Server, TCP Command Client, and TCP Command Server components are available in design-time;
  • The UDP Client and UDL Server components are available in design-time, as well;
  • IMAP Server - added the IMAP partial fetch functionality;
  • XML SOAP Security - added the multiple Binary Security Tokens support;
  • SOAP Signatures - added new Thumbprint key identifiers;
  • The clSshSocket -> clSshStream, clTlsSocket -> clTlsStream unit renaming, the session and channel implementation refactoring;
  • The TclSshUserKey -> TclSshPrivateKey, TclSshUserIdentity -> IclSshUserIdentity class renaming;
  • MailMessage - added the X-Mailer header support;
  • Added the OnGetResponseCode event to all TCP-based clients, which allows users to implement own handler for the server responses;
  • Added the diffie-hellman-group14-sha256 key exchange algorithm to the SSH engine;
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

New Components

  Component   Description
 SFTP Server Represents the SFTP server component and is used to upload, download, and manage files and directories remotely on the server side.
 SFTP File Handler Allows the SFTP Server component to work with files on the disk.
 TCP Client Allows users to implement custom data exchange over the TCP protocol.
 TCP Server Implements the multi-threaded TCP-based server functionality, accepts user connections, and exchanges data of an arbitrary format.
 TCP Command Client Allows users to send custom TelNet-like commands to a server and receive responses.
 TCP Command Server Implements the multi-threaded TCP-based server functionality, accepts user-defined commands of TelNet-like format, and sends responses.
 UDP Client Allows users to send own datagrams of an arbitrary format over the UDP protocol.
 UDP Server Implements the multi-threaded UDP-based server functionality, accepts user-defined datagrams, and sends replies.

Global Notes

  • We have joined installations for all versions of RAD Studio (XE...XE8, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4 Sydney, Delphi and C++Builder) in one single installer.
    You can Download Clever Internet Suite and install on any desired version of RAD Studio IDE.
  • .NET Compact Framework is no longer supported. The minimum .NET Framework version is 4.0. Download Clever Internet .NET Suite
  • The library was splitted on design-time and runtime packages. Starting from now, the components can be used by RAD Studio form designer in 64-bit projects.
  • The basic socket components were replaced and improved. The class inheritance was changed. Please see the Help documentation for more details.
  • The source code structure was changed. Starting from now, the sources are placed in the following folders: common, design, packages, resources and ssh.
    To compile the source code project, navigate to the packages folder, choose the corresponding IDE version subfolder, e.g., D103 for Delphi 10.3 Rio,
    open and compile both the clinetsuite_103.dproj and dcl_clinetsuite_103.dproj projects. Finally, install dcl_clinetsuite_103.dproj to your RAD Studio IDE.
  • The SSH and SFTP component files were moved to the main clinetsuite package. The clinetsuitessh package was removed from the installation.
  • A set of cryptographic classes were added: Cipher (and its descendants), Hash, Mac, KeyExchange, Signature and many more.

Known problems and restrictions

  • FTP client and server - data connection uses IpV4 protocol only.
  • Socks5 firewall - supports IpV4 only.
  • The HTTP RIO component is available only starting from Delphi 2005 / C++Builder 2006.
  • The SOAP encryption is available only on Win32 platform.
  • The SOAP encryption requires an external library clcryptext.dll that is included to the Clever Internet Suite installation.
    This library represents managed code that is wrapped by Win32 functions.
    The source code for this library can be downloaded separately on website.

Feature and Bug lists

Please see the Clever Internet Suite Release History page to get full feature and bug listings.


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