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Component List

Here is the comprehensive list of Internet components included in the Clever Internet Suite package.

Currently, not all components are available in all editions (.NET, VCL and ActiveX) of Clever Internet Suite because of platform limitations.

  Component   Description   VCL   .NET   ActiveX
 Async Client Represends asynchronous TCP client which works in background without interfering with the main application thread.
 Bounce Checker Scans any POP3 mailbox for bounced messages.
 Certificate Store Manages digital certificates installed on a system.
 Cookie Manager Represents HTTP client Cookie manager.
 Crypto Encoder Provides methods for data encoding and decoding in PEM and SSH2 cryptographic formats.
 DKIM Sign, verify E-mail messages, generate public/private key pair, DNS txt record.
 DNS Query Queries DNS for record information such as MX, IP, NS, CNAME.
 DNS Server Implements a server for the DNS (Domain Name Server) protocol.
 Downloader Downloads single URL to the local file or into the memory.  
 Email Validator This component verifies if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exists.
 Encoder Provides methods for encoding / decoding the message content.
 Encryptor Allows you to encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify data with X509 certificate and specified security algorithm.
 EPP Client Manages objects within registries over the Internet.
 EPP Server Keeps an object information and allows you to manage objects within registries over the Internet.
 FTP Client Represents the FTP client for manipulating with remote files and directories.
 FTP Server Represents the FTP server component and is used for uploading and downloading files, as well as managing files and directories.
 Gzip Compressor Implements in-memory compression/decompression functions.
 HTML Parser Parses HTML document and extracts URLs, Forms and other tags.
 HTTP Client Represents the HTTP client for submitting or retrieving the information from web servers.
 HTTP Proxy Opens an HTTP tunnel using the CONNECT method and returns a new proxied connection.  
 HTTP Request Represents the Web Form Request data.
 HTTP Rio Uses HTTP messages to call remote interfaced objects using SOAP.  
 HTTP Server Implements the server side HTTP protocol and works in the same thread as the main application thread runs.
 IMAP Client Operates with mail messages and mailboxes on the mail server via the IMAP4 protocol.
 IMAP Server Represents the IMAP4 server component which allows receiving emails, as well as managing emails and mail folders on the server.
 Mail Message Represents the mail message data and the methods for its parsing and combining.
 Multi Downloader Represents Download Manager component which helps you download files from the Internet.  
 Multi Uploader Uploads multiple local files onto web servers.  
 News Checker Check if the specified URL is up-to-date and download it if needed.  
 NNTP Client Retrieves news to your local computer via the NNTP protocol.
 NNTP Server Represents the NNTP server which allows receiving news articles, as well as posting news to the newsgroups.
 OAuth Is used to authorize a client and provide an authorization string.
 POP3 Client Retrieves mail to your local computer from the mail server.
 POP3 Server Represents the POP3 server component and allows receiving messages from the server.
 Progress Bar Displays the original progress bar for downloading, uploading and data posting internet operations.    
 RSS Feeds This component is used for creating, retrieving, and editing RSS feeds.
 Server Guard Provides algorithms for protecting server components from brute force attacks, connection flood attacks, user and IP filtering functionality and many more.
 SFTP Client Uploads and downloads files, as well as manages files and directories via the SSH File Transfer Protocol.
 SFTP Server Represents the SFTP server component and is used to upload, download, and manage files and directories remotely on the server side.  
 S/MIME Message Encodes / decodes mail messages using the cryptography algorithm.
 SMTP Client Sends mail in text, HTML, MIME or UUE formats with attachments.
 SMTP Relay Delivers mail messages directly to recipient's SMTP server.
 SMTP Server Represents the SMTP server component which accepts and keeps emails from clients for further delivery to end recipients.
 SOAP Message Provides the SOAP request data to be sent to the SOAP-WSDL service.  
 Thread Pool Provides a pool of threads that can be used to post work items, process asynchronous I/O, wait on behalf of other threads, etc.    
 Uploader Uploads a single local file onto a web server.  
 WebDAV Client Downloads and Uploads files, manages files and directories on a Web server.
 Web Update Adds self-update ability to your application.  



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