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FTP Client

Features | Detailed Description

The FTP Client is a component from the Clever Internet Suite library.
It allows you to upload and download files, as well as manages files and directories as specified in RFC 765, RFC 959 and RFC 1579 documents.

Available in .NET, VCL and ActiveX editions.


  • Upload and download to or from streams
  • Secure your FTP transfers using TLS and SSL protocol
  • Pause / resume broken or aborted downloads and uploads (REST command)
  • FTP FXP support (implement site-to-site data transfers)
  • Automatic directory listing parser for most common directory listing formats (LIST command): Unix, MS-DOS, AS/400
  • Free one year upgrades and support

Proxy server support

The FTP component supports the most common proxy servers by using FTP SITE, FTP USER/PASS and FTP OPEN methods. Custom FTP proxy is also supported.

You can connect the FTP component via Proxy in passive or non-passive mode by means of both the ProxySettings and PassiveMode properties correspondingly.

Download / upload files in just few lines of code

// [Delphi]
stream := TFileStream.Create(SaveDialog1.FileName, fmCreate);
   clFtp1.GetFile(filename, stream, startFrom, bytesToDownload);

// [C#]
using(FileStream stream = new FileStream(openFileDialog1.FileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)) {
   ftp1.PutFile(fileName, stream, startFrom, bytesToUpload);

Samples, including WinForm clients with full source code

Please see the Demos code (FtpClient, FtpClientSSL, FtpClientProxy, FtpThrottling) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Clever Internet Suite installation to learn more about using this component in your application.

Includes support for Delphi, C++Builder, C#, VB.NET and Javascript.

Complete Delphi and C# source code

When Purchasing the Clever Internet Suite you receive the full sources for all suite components and also free unlimited support.


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