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Multi Uploader

Features | Detailed Description

The Multi Uploader is a component from the Clever Internet Suite library.
This is an Upload Manager component which helps you upload files to your server or host.

Available in VCL and ActiveX editions.


  • HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols
  • Upload any Files
  • Recursive Folder Upload
  • HTTP Upload with PUT and POST requests
  • Filter by File Type
  • Additional Form Data
  • Web and Proxy Authentication - Basic, Digest, NTLM, Kerberos

Upload Files in just few lines of code

With Multi Uploader component you can upload any file separately as well as upload entire folder recursively to the server. You can specify the uploading order, the number of simultaneously opened connections and also set up each upload item from the Upload List. You can specify the uploaing priority, login information and many more.

// [Delphi]
item := clMultiUploader.UploadList.Add;
item.LocalFile := 'c:\uploads\';
item.URL := 'ftp://mysite/dir/';


// [Delphi]
clMultiUploader.Publish('c:\uploads\', 'ftp://mysite/dir/');

Uploading certain files from a folder based on your criteria

By using the Multi Uploader component you can upload only Files matched your File Mask and having the specified File Attributes. You can specify high and low bounds of the File Size range where the specified file will be uploaded.

HTTP POST to CGI, ASP.NET and Java servlet

Use the Multi Uploader component together with Http Request to submit files to Web server by using HTTP POST request.

Additional Form Data

The Multi Uploader component allows sending the HTTP POST that will be a combination of File and Form Data. This is known as a multi-part message.
You can prepare any combination of Files and Form Data by using the Http Request component and send it with Multi Uploader to the Web server.

Samples in Delphi and C++Builder

Please see the Demos code (MultiUploader, PublishFtpDir) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Clever Internet Suite installation to learn more about using this component in your application.

Complete Delphi source code

When Purchasing the Clever Internet Suite you receive the full sources for all suite components and also free unlimited support.



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