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SOAP Message Description

Features | Detailed Description

Available in VCL and ActiveX editions.

The SOAP Message component allows you to create SOAP requests to be sent to the SOAP servers.

This component implements the digital singing of the SOAP messages using the SHA hash algorithm and the private key cryptography with X.509 certificates. See Using certificates

SoapMessage is an independent stand-alone component. So it is possible to use it with any other http client engines / components for composing SOAP requests formatted according to RFC standards. It provides a serialization format for communicating over a network.

Please see the Demos code (Soap, SoapDSIG, SoapSecurity) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Clever Internet Suite installation for more details about using this component.

The most common members of the SOAP Message component can be seen below:

Property List

  Name   Description
 Addressing Gets or sets the SOAP addressing parameters.
 BodyID Gets or sets the SOAP body ID.
 Certificates Gets the SOAP message certificates.
 EncryptedKey Secifies an information about SOAP encryption key.
 EncryptedKey.References Specifies the XML nodes to be encrypted.
 SecurityConfig Represents a set of options for signing and encrypting algorithms.
 Signatures Specifies the message signatures information.
 Signatures[Index].References Specifies the XML nodes to be signed.
 SoapVersion Gets or sets the SOAP version to be used when composing new messages.
 Timestamp Specifies the SOAP timestamp information.

Method List

  Name   Description
 AddAttachment Adds new attachment item to the items collection.
 BuildSoapMessage Combines the SOAP request Items from a given source.
 BuildSoapWSDL Combines the SOAP-WSDL command from a given source.
 Decrypt Decrypts the current SOAP message.
 Encrypt Encrypts the current SOAP message.
 Sign Signs the current SOAP message.
 Verify Verifies the signature of the current SOAP message.

Event List

  Name   Description
 OnGetSigningCertificate Occurs when the SOAP component is about to Sign or Verify the current SOAP message.
 OnGetEncryptionCertificat Occurs when the SOAP component is about to Encrypt or Decrypt the current SOAP message.

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