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Thread Pool Description

Features | Detailed Description

Available in VCL edition.

Many applications create threads that spend a great deal of time in the sleeping state, waiting for an event to occur. Other threads might enter a sleeping state only to be awakened periodically to poll for a change or update status information. Thread pooling enables you to use threads more efficiently by providing your application with a pool of worker threads that are managed by the system. One thread monitors the status of several wait operations queued to the thread pool. When a wait operation completes, a worker thread from the thread pool executes the corresponding callback function.

The most common members of the Thread Pool component can be seen below:

Property List

  Name   Description
 InitializeCOM Initializes the COM library in each working thread by using of both the CoInitialize and CoUninitialize functions.
 MaxThreadCount Gets or Sets the number of requests to the thread pool that can be active concurrently. All requests above that number remain queued until thread pool threads become available.
 MinThreadCount Gets or Sets the number of idle threads the clThreadPool maintains in anticipation of new requests.

Method List

  Name   Description
 QueueWorkItem Queues a callback function for execution. The method executes when a thread pool thread becomes available.
 Stop Stops an execution of the currently active work items and cancels all queued items.

Event List

  Name   Description
 OnCreateWorkerThread Occurs when a worker thread is created.
 OnFinishWorkItem Occurs when the work item is finished.
 OnQueueWorkItem Occurs when the work item is queued.
 OnRunWorkItem Occurs when the work item is run.
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