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0001545Database Comparer VCLGeneralpublic2020-02-23 08:01
Reportershirokov Assigned Tobarry  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version7.1.0.1686 
Target Version7.1.0.1686 
Summary0001545: Problems with updating cross-linked stored procedures.
DescriptionIn Procedure "PKTOLISTE" (proc1, see attached file) there is a call to another procedure called "PktoListeSub" (proc2) via execute procedure.
The generated update script fails on dropping proc2 because proc1 has dependency to proc2.
In version 6.4 the update script has a statement to empty the body of proc1 to resolve dependency .
In versoin 7.1. that stetement is missing.
See attached SQL scripts.

The problem is reproduced in both VCL and standalone edition,
Problem does not occure with version 6.4.

The master and target databases are attached, as well.
Master has only one procedure. Target has two procs.

DBComparer-Tool Log:
Updating target database...
Charset: NONE
Connect: "d:\db\dbcomparer\targetnew.fdb"
Dialect: 1. DBCharSet: NONE.
< Exec SQL >: PKTOLISTESUB: drop
Error: dbcDataMod_1.DBCConnection:
This operation is not defined for system tables.Unsuccessful metadata update.
Cannot delete.
There are 1 dependencies.

< Exec SQL >: PKTOLISTE: alter
< Script executed: 1 errors... >
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