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0001583Database Comparer VCLGeneralpublic2019-12-23 21:33
Reportershirokov Assigned Tobarry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version7.1.0.1692 
Target Version7.1.0.1692Fixed in Version8.0.0.1693.Beta 
Summary0001583: MS SQL DB extractor issues
Description1. TMSSQLDBExtract.ColumnType can't recognize 'date' type, I have added a line below. It seems ok, but you need to confirm.
 if TypeName = 'date' then fldData.FieldType := iftDate
 else begin // ? user type
 if Assigned((fStructure.Objs as TObjs).Domains[TypeName
2. TMSSQLDBExtract can't extract "next value for ...." in procedure body, I couldn't find any resolve.
I have added scripts which taken from mssql studio and your extractMetaData. you can easily see the differences in the procedure (aa_InsertToExportQueue) body

3. We extract MS-SQL Database1 metadata. You can find script in attached file.
4. When we compare this script by the ScriptComparer component.
5. We encounter the attached error : attached 1.jpg

The DB scripts are attached.
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