Scheduled For Release 2018-04-25
0001413: [General] Firebird 2.6 SQL LIST ALL and DISTINCT cause the parsing error (barry)
0001435: [General] MS SQL Server CTE doesn't work (barry)
0001427: [General] Problems with parsing of computed fields of NUMERIC (nn, xx) type, ALTER RDB$ in scripts. (barry)
0001436: [General] Database Comparer hangs when comparing FB2.5 database. (barry)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-04-25
0001428: [General] FB 2.5 CTE script in trigger (barry)
0001446: [General] DB extraction error when parsing a stored procedure with a variable named "PERCENT" (barry)
0001455: [General] CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE parsing error (barry)
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